Resources for TV Lovers - Resources for TV Lovers

Watching TV shows is the favourite pastime for millions of Kiwis everywhere in the world, who want to keep track of what their beloved characters are up to. If you are one of these TV lovers, like us, you will find these resources are useful and entertaining tools to indulge in your hobby.

TeeVees Greatest – YouTube Channel

This channel has almost 100k subscribers and there are good reasons for this, as it features TV Themes dating back to the ’50s and until today. You will see shows from New Zealand, but also Canada, the USA, Australia, and the UK. Give yourself a trip down memory lane by listening to those tunes that you grew up with.

TV Promos – YouTube Channel

For those of you that want to stay updated with the latest TV shows and seasons coming up, this channel will be a dream come true. It features all genres and is packed with trailers and promos of every show that is coming for the next seasons. All with great quality and updated frequently as studios launch new teasers and promos.

IMDb – YouTube Channel

This is a cool one because it’s where you will find an impressive amount of backstage action, interviews, and other funny clips. As an added bonus, you can see clips from TV actors as well as from movie actors doing funny things like the videos of Brad Pitt Eating Things.