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New Zealand TV Archive is a digital magazine where you can read all about the TV shows that Kiwis love to watch, along with the personalities and other related topics. You can find information about the TV industry, particularly in our country, with some interesting facts that you should know.

The wonderful woman that came up with the idea of creating this magazine is Caitlin Dennis, a radio announcer that is bonkers about TV shows. Since she was little, she could spend little time with her hard-working dad and the moments where they sat down to watch a TV show are precious to her.

When her dad passed away, Dennis sought refuge in those old but excellent shows they watched together. She decided that a good way to keep those memories alive was to create a website where she could write about the shows that made a mark on her life.

Our group of friends is quite tight, thus we all jumped at the idea of collaborating with her and writing articles about the TV topics that we like the most. Soon, a great team came together, and we decided that the best format would be that of a digital magazine, as it allows for creativity, freedom, and is still taken seriously.

We want to keep all our readers informed on what’s going on in the TV industry and remind everybody of those great shows that New Zealand seemed to watch as a group. We know that Kiwis enjoy watching TV and even gambling on what’s on, hence we strive to keep up with the latest and still pay attention to the classics.

This is such a vast and fun topic that we know we will never run out of new things to write about, this encourages us to keep going. Although writing is a joy for most of us and we all have a great idea of what we want to write about, our readers’ feedback has also proven to be valuable.

The team behind our magazine is always hoping you will keep in touch and let us know what you would like to read about for the next articles. The idea is to create a magazine where you can find the information you want to receive and in an interesting dynamic format.

We have come a long way from a little girl watching TV with her dad at home to a team of enthusiasts with a love of all things TV, keeping a magazine like this alive and strong.