All About Gambling on TV Shows and Why Kiwis Love It

Gambling is one of the best hobbies around these days, as you get to have fun and the chance to earn a profit, and TV shows have not escaped this trend. TV show fans all over the world love to place their wagers and fans support their characters by doing so.

The Betting Sites

Similar to the online casino Mummys Gold NZ, which is trusted and safe, you have many sites where you can place your wagers for your favourite TV shows. It might be a bit tricky to find where on the websites, you can do this, but you need only look at the Specials sections in them. It can also be named as Novelty, Entertainment or TV & Specials.

How to Bet

Just like with sports gambling, you get to choose the market where you want to venture a wager and click on the odds for it, which will trigger what is called a bet slip. After choosing the amount that you want to bet, you will be told how much you might earn if you win the bet.

The Markets

If you want to get a rough idea of what you can bet on, you would benefit from knowing the most popular markets that bookmakers have for people to place their wagers.


For those of you who are fans of reality TV competition shows, you will find that betting on that participant you’d love to be the winner, is quite the thrill. Bookmakers give you the possibility to bet on shows like Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor.


Now, if you feel really lucky and think you can guess which place a certain competitor on a TV show will end up, you can take advantage of this market. You can bet up to the fifth position in which someone will end up in the show. Although you get smaller profits in this market, we recommend it as it is much easier to predict.


Combining the win and the place markets is possible through this bet, which is perfect because it gives you profit as long as your chosen competitor ended up in the top three.


In this market, you are predicting who will win and who will be the runner-up in a particular competition. The catch here is that, unlike with the each-way market, the outcome has to be in the precise order you predicted it. The advantage is that there is a juicy payout for you, should you get it right.

Kiwis Love This

As people in this country love watching TV shows and get passionate about supporting their favourite reality TV contestants, these bets are quite popular. They add excitement and fun to the simple act of watching TV and encourage people to earn a bit of extra cash. Frankly, there is nothing not to love.

Gambling on TV shows is just as fun as gambling on sports or playing poker, with the bonus that you get from the interesting markets available.

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