Advertise with Us - Advertise with Us

Our magazine has a rather particular and loyal reader-base, made up of TV-loving-Kiwis all over the world that has chosen us as their online spot to read about what they enjoy. Little by little, this reader base keeps growing, as they spread the voice and our social media explodes with great comments and favourable opinions.

It would be dreadful for you to miss this opportunity to expose your brand, products, services, or campaign to this wonderful group of people. If you are wondering what we have to offer for you in terms of advertising packages, you will not be disappointed.


The basic package costs $5 a month and you can advertise in two pages within the magazine. You can choose the articles that suit your goals and have your banner displayed during the whole month, with no extra charge for extending this period.


At $10 a month, you can take any of the advertisement spots that we have in our magazine and display a banner or video, according to your preference.

If you are interested in taking advantage of our offering, you can let us know and we will walk you through the process. Although you can come with your advertisement already designed and ready for upload, we also have a graphic designer in the team that may help you create a new one.

Please keep in mind that we manage payments through a safe process and will never ask for your personal information or bank account data via email.